We, the founders of All Weird Days, believe in Something. We believe in the power of creation, our own and that of others, to solve problems, to create art, to maintain our vitality, to make people laugh, and to look at things from a neglected perspective.

We believe that the world only exists in the stories that we share. Life is hard, and everybody is just trying to make it. Everybody has stories worth sharing. We want to help people share those stories through whatever medium. Our diverse and unique skill sets allow us to tackle a variety of creative endeavors, so we started this company to help artists while still being artists ourselves.

We also love to build cool things, and have expanded our focus to solving problems in the construction world. We have a fabrication/wood shop in Seattle and we can travel. Commercial and residential, Art and Music Festivals, Van and RV conversions, Off-grid living, and Boats; we can do it all! So let us know if you have any ideas or projects that fall in between the cracks of run--of-the-mill contractors.

People tend to thrive on challenges. And we here at All Weird Days, LLC are no different.

Just remember: We don't work for you. We work with you. We expect a collaborative approach.

Don't you?

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